Impostor Syndrome is a collection of chewed and mangled thoughts based on reflections, experience, and personal perspectives I wish others to read, think about, share, confirm, add to, and challenge.

Rhapsodic Stillness is a collection of images captured over the years and reflecting (one hopes) with deafening silence the stunning world we live in.

Airborne; Reborn

Airborne; Reborn

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This weekend, new stars lit up in my sky.
And the old sky fell like a curtain, revealing the new.
Trust, hope, and respect, all in cosmic alignment,
Forebodings of a new era.

I fly through the air,
And land (somewhat softly),
Smiling and free,
While his legacy endures.

Thank you Barbara Britton Shihan, Fiona Blyth Shidoin, and Robert Zimmermann Shihan.

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Aikido Seminars: Reflections Further From the Edge

Aikido Seminars: Reflections Further From the Edge