About A Calm Place

Impostor Syndrome is a collection of chewed and mangled thoughts based on reflections, experience, and personal perspectives I wish others to read, think about, share, confirm, add to, and challenge.

Rhapsodic Stillness is a collection of photographs taken over the years. It tries to showcase the still beauty of the social and natural world we live in.


About me

Eric Lavigne, courtesy of Philippe Gendrault

I am a student, day and night. By day, I am a postdoctoral fellow in the Higher Education program at OISE, University of Toronto. By night, I study Aikido and Iaido with Sensei Robert Zimmermann at Toronto Aikikai

I have worked six years as an administrator in Montreal colleges, focusing on program development and support. Before that, I have taught college physics for about twelve years.

I started Aikido in 2000, and Iaido in 2001, with Sensei Claude Berthiaume at Aikido de la montagne in Montreal.

When “the right time” comes around, I take out my camera and moonlight as a wannabe photographer who gets a few good shot every once in a while and feels proud enough to show them.

You can also find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, InstagramAcademia.edu, ResearchGate.net, and Twitter



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